Drinking and gambling age on cruise lines

Drinking and gambling age on cruise lines laughlin casinos map

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Beaches on Grand Turk and Amber Cove. Royal Caribbean International's age policy for gambling and consumption of alcoholic beverages is as follows: Aand note: An individual's age on the date of sailing determines his or her status for their cruise vacation. This policy change reflects the preferences of a vast majority of. Apr 15, 17 at Sge. Husband is a green card holder. If you would like to bring on your own Menorah, you may.

Cruise Reviews-Top Cruise Lines see reviews of all cruise lines & ships. Read about other cruisers 'experiences and advice. drinking age and gambling age in St. Thomas E caribean etc. kennedy. Carnival Cruise Lines. Browse Cruise Choices. For Families. Cruise Lines Children’s Programs. Pregnancy Policies By Cruise Line. Generally the gambling age is 18 and drinking age is 21, but 18 to 21 may be allowed in adult clubs. You may think anything goes in those lawless international waters, but truth is, the cruise lines maintain fairly strict policies governing the age at which you can drink booze, gamble and occupy a cabin alone.

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