Rueda de casino steps

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All the dancers know the moves that correspond to.

CON TODO EL MUNDO. Enchufla, then, after quickly picking up the next partner, go around her. Make sure that there are no other hands preventing you from. Leaders right arm moves down and. The caller is usually a leader as well.

Rueda de Casino. Salsa Libre. 7 videos. 3, views. Rueda de Casino feat Yunior Cardenas (Havana/Cuba). by Salsa Libre. Play next. Rueda de Casino — RuedaPedia: Rueda de Casino (moves, steps, elements) | Руэда де Касино (повороты, комбинации, шаги, элементы). Altibajo– De amarte más. Андрей Логинов. Показать список оценивших Показать список поделившихся. Rueda de Casino (Rueda, Salsa Rueda, Salsa Rueda de Casino) is a particular type of Salsa round dance. Some people incorrectly call it " Casino Rueda " and "Cuban Salsa.". Rueda de Casino was developed in Havana.

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